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Who we are

„Spieltrieb“ is a German word consisting of two parts: „Spiel“ which can be translated as [game], [play] or [gamble] and „Trieb“ engl.  [instinct], [drive], [impulsion]. It’s an expression.

It is an expression that activates a broad association spectrum. This so diverse, individually interpretable and easily abstract term reflects our music comprehension, our event design and the selection of artists very well.

Spieltrieb – playful electronika offers more than unique electronic events. We combine techno parties with Spieltrieb Recordings  – a label for techno and house releases – and Spieltrieb Bookings, our own booking agency for versatile artists. This combination of fields of activity allows us to create a very special environment.

Both, our releases as well as our events and showcases with our acts, benefit from a combination of world famous DJs & producers and young talents.

Do not hesitate to explore all our facets, celebrate life with us and check our roster.

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